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Welcome to Freelance Job Opps

The world of work is changing. With an electronic device and an internet connection we can work from anywhere, so it's no wonder that the freelance lifestyle is appealing to so many. Keeping a steady supply of work is crucial to maintaining that lifestyle and for your peace of mind, but finding opportunities can be tough. That's where Freelance Job Opps comes in, for the price of (admittedly a very nice cup of coffee) each month, you'll have access to all of our freelance job listings to help you find that next gig!

Our Story

Freelancejobopps was born out of frustration with sites like Upwork where although the opportunities were plentiful, you could be up against thousands of other applicants and whoever was hiring could just look at the cheapest option. On top of this, you also had to pay for the privilege of applying, and they kept a good chunk of your earnings too! We wanted to bring freelancers together by giving you access to as many jobs as we can find you every week, with no restriction on how many you can apply for. We've learned that taking on a variety of work can open doors that you didn't even know existed, so feel free to take a step back, analyse your own talents and reach out for familiar and unfamiliar opportunities!


If you want to get in contact, please send an email to

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